Put your passion to work.

We provide support by ensuring that we send you motivated and attentive personnel. We recruit talent, provide orientation and training if requested by the client. The use of our services allows our clients to evaluate candidates before making a final determination to hire. If you do not like how a candidate works we simply ask them not to return to the job site and look to place them elsewhere, it’s that simple.

We staff the following:

  • Housekeeping

  • Ground

  • Maintenance Janitorial

  • Kitchen staff

  • Special Event Staffing

  • Line Cooks

  • Insurance Specialist

  • Claim Appeals/Denials

Services Included (on all employees)

Line Cooks Dishwashers Servers Hosts Bussers

  •  Recruiting, screening, profiling qualified applicants tailored to clients’ needs

  •  Payroll Taxes (Federal 941) , Unemployment Insurance (TWC), Workman’s compensation, general and extended professional liability insurance coverage

  • Drug Screening, Criminal Background Check , License/Certification verification,

    Reference checks, Candidate Profiling

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate the hassles of handling payroll taxes both state and federal, workman’s comp insurance

  • Keep unemployment insurance expenses down by not having to lay off employees that hired for temporary needs such as short term projects

  • Reduction of time and resources used by in-house employees during the recruiting and hiring process

  • Reduces costs for job postings and advertisements

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