Put your passion to work.

Eliminate the risk out of hiring by allowing us to provide you with qualified candidates when you use our temp-hire-program. You will be able to see how the candidates work and if they will be a good fit to your company before going through the HR hassle and expense of hiring them directly.

By specializing in the manufacturing industry we have extensive knowledge on the role that each member of your team plays in providing quality care to the needs of your patients.

We staff the following:

  • Assembly Line

  • Material Handling

  • Processing Warehouse associates

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Packaging

  • Quality Control

  • Production Control

  • Inspection

  • Clerks

Services Included (on all employees)

  • Packaging

    Quality Control Production Control Inspection


  • Recruiting, screening, profiling qualified applicants tailored to clients’ needs

  •  Payroll Taxes (Federal 941) , Unemployment Insurance (TWC), Workman’s

  • compensation, general and extended professional liability insurance coverage

  •  Drug Screening, Criminal Background Check, License/Certification verification,

  • Reference checks, Candidate Profiling

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate the hassles of handling payroll taxes both state and federal, workman’s comp insurance

  • Keep unemployment insurance expenses down by not having to lay off employees that hired for temporary needs such as short term projects

  • Reduction of time and resources used by in-house employees during the recruiting and hiring process

  • Reduces costs for job postings and advertisements

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